The belief that for us to be successful, our clients must be successful.

The idea that consulting services should strive to go beyond the normal approach.

The aim of assembling a highly skilled team of biologists, entomologists and archaeologists.

The goal of completing quality projects in an efficient and cost effective manner.

President’s Message

In 2002, I saw an opportunity. There were coal companies in the hills of eastern Kentucky where I was born and raised that needed permits and there was a limited number of out-of-town consultants to serve them. Out of this need, Apogee was born.

Apogee is a customer focused permit compliance firm rooted firmly in my Appalachian values. As a certified bat biologist, my small environmental boutique firm centered on endangered bat surveys. Our local clients enjoyed the personal attention and quality of our service, and as a result, Apogee grew and expanded.

Initially, I was concerned about growing too quickly and risking the loss of Apogee’s Appalachian values. But fortunately, I have recruited a tight-knit group of smart, hardworking and caring professionals that share a similar work ethic and worldview. It has been a joy and delight to witness them mature and grow since joining this family.

Today, our team and our company footprint both continue to grow. We now are providing a diversity of biological and cultural resources to several industries. We have offices in Kentucky (Whitesburg,) West Virginia (Charleston,) Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh) with plans of opening future offices strategically placed where our clients need us most (Houston, TX and the Northeast). Our current range of service covers the range of the endangered Indiana bat and threatened northern long-eared bat (Montana to Louisiana, and all areas east of here).

I am committed to a continued steady growth. Every member of the team is committed to world class excellent personal relationships and service. If you need our help, we’re out there and stand ready to lend a helping hand!

Joel Beverly