Apogee Environmental and Archaeological

Our Reputation

[Apogee] is very well renowned as a leader in the industry at providing bat surveys… It has been a pleasure working with Apogee over the years, and I look forward to many more years of cooperation between our firms.

R.E.I Consultants, Inc

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Joel and Apogee as a whole. Once the task is placed in his hands I can rest assured knowing that the project will be completed in the most professional and efficient way possible. Highest recommendations for Joel and his entire team!

Dave Willson
Vice President, Principal Ecologist at Navigator Environmental & Technical Services, Inc.

Joel and the folks at Apogee do excellent work and deliver a great product. They have come through for me on several projects with emergency situations and provided the quick turnaround needed. Great company to work with and I recommend them for your project needs.

Sean Sparks
Vice President/Director of Oil and Gas Projects at Tetra Tech, Inc.

Joel has created a great consulting firm in Apogee. His hiring standards are obviously high as I have had nothing but great professional experiences with his staff. And Apogee is a reflection of Joel – nimble, concise, efficient, responsive and a genuine pleasure to work with. Joel is a honorable gentleman in all his affairs and I consider him a colleague and friend.

Vincent Attardi
Environmental Services Leader at Dieffenbauch & Hritz, LLC

We, at On Pointe Consulting, love Joel’s energy and enthusiasm for the natural and cultural resource resource work he provides at Apogee! He and his team are highly knowledgeable and passionate about the work they do and continually strive to provide the best service to their clients. Easy to talk to and work with; I look forward to collaborating and working with them anytime!

Chris Prah
Co-founder | CEO | Energy Market Biological Services Lead at On Pointe Consulting LLC

Joel clearly surrounds himself with a very knowledgeable and motivated team. They’ve always been willing to quickly jump on any opportunities presented and also to try and find creative ways to partner. He and the team at Apogee are a joy to work with both on a professional and personal level.

Patrick McCarthy
Director of Environmental Affairs & Permitting at RWE Renewables