Apogee Environmental and Archaeological


Apogee’s ecologists and archaeologists have worked throughout the United States for a variety of clients and project types. As we all know, each industry has its own specific needs and issues that sometimes need outside support, and in that, there are varying levels of contracted customer service to a project. Good consultants provide their deliverables accordingly while great consultants develop their internal systems to each unique permit setting. Apogee prides itself on tailoring our approach to what will best expedite our clients’ projects dependent on the industry‐specific requirements.


Utility scale solar is the energy wave of the future and we at Apogee have stood up and are now riding this wave. With a service footprint that overlays many states that are actively pushing solar, we are perfectly positioned to help our clients in this burgeoning market.

Natural Gas

The discovery of oil and gas reserves in the Marcellus, Utica and Rogersville Shales over the last decade has turned Appalachia into a focal point in our nation’s growing demand for energy. Apogee is working alongside our clients to provide quick turn-around with a quality product on necessary deliverables leaving permit issues as one less worry.


Apogee is a homegrown Appalachian firm, whose past successes are derived from providing top notch permit services with a local touch for the coal industry. We have staff with decades of experience, both on and off the job, working on our clients’ behalf to adapt to the ever-changing state and federal agency regulations. Contact us for a coal industry specific, cost‐effective proposal for your permit compliance needs.

Public Utilities

Apogee understands that a strong infrastructure creates a strong country. Companies who move energy from point A to point B require a compliance firm with a sophisticated understanding on all the in‐between regulations in our unique Appalachian landscape. Call us. We look forward to using our expertise to expedite your project, so you can focus on other important challenges.


With new technologies being developed to overcome the challenges of wind mapping, the wind industry is becoming more mainstream in the United States. In the greater Appalachian region, the introduction to wind energy is wrought with new understandings of its effects on Appalachian endangered natural resources. Apogee is working hard on being on the forefront of providing solutions so that the evolving industry can be successful both ecologically and on the bottom line.


Our team is held in the highest esteem by the scientific community and can be expected to perform as such. Our staff is nationally renowned for their ability to orchestrate and lead large, diverse groups to accomplish demanding, complex tasks. We provide a wide range of environmental and cultural resource services as both a prime and sub‐consultant on state and federal contracts.

Commercial Development

Developers rely on Apogee to solve many unique compliance issues. As the old adage goes, “Time is Money.” Apogee provides efficient and cost-effective options for mitigation requirements in natural and cultural issues. We are a credited resourceful group of experts that can be utilized to understand your permit process so regulatory roadblocks are prevented.