Environmental Compliance Services

Apogee understands that it takes the full suite of environmental services to get your project from conception to construction and thus, a wide range of compliance-based services are available to guide our clients through the process. With increasing pressure from the FERC, local government and state agencies, and non-governmental organizations to operate within stringent regulatory boundaries, environmental inspection services provide peace of mind and ensure your compliance goals are met in every phase of work.

Environmental Inspection & Monitoring

Apogee appreciates that in order to stay in compliance before, during, and after construction – it takes a strong team of qualified individuals with the drive and desire to represent both the client and the stringent agency regulations. Apogee also understands that traditional environmental inspection services can sometimes fall short, leaving the client with costly violations or negative perceptions by the public and local agencies.

With that in mind, Apogee offers highly qualified, multi-discipline environmental inspectors that undergo additional, company-specific training developed to assure quality of service. Each environmental inspector will offer superior problem-solving and interpersonal skills, and above all else, will help to maintain compliance with all permit conditions, landowner agreements, and company-specific compliance policies.

Apogee also offers construction and post-construction monitoring providing the same standard of service across every project.


Compliance Coordination Assistance

Regulatory compliance goes beyond construction activities in the field and often extends past the completion of a project. Apogee understands that compliance milestone tracking, permit termination, post-construction reporting and other duties can be a full-time job in and of itself. Apogee is here to help.

Services are uniquely tailored to serve each client individually by offering assistance with daily regulatory activities and providing guidance throughout the duration of your project.


Client Representation & Agency Inspections

Often, a project may be subject to scheduled or randomized agency inspections, but are not required to have a full-time environmental inspector onsite. Apogee appreciates that these types of agency inspections can be particularly grueling if compliance has not been the focus during construction.

Apogee offers pre-inspection “button-ups” of your construction site and can also represent a client during an inspection. Button-up visits result in a prioritized punch list that a client can provide to the contractor which denotes problem areas or action items to be corrected prior to an agency inspection.

Periodic button-up visits are recommended for any project lacking a full-time environmental inspector to keep your project in compliance with regulatory guidelines at all times.


Mobile Compliance Training

Compliance training is a varied and highly effective tool for carrying a project through to completion while staying firmly within regulatory guidelines as well as avoiding violations or fines.

Apogee offers nationwide mobile training; tailored to focus on permitting, construction, regulatory compliance and other pertinent industry topics. Training is possible in any location and can be delivered to your team in the field or at your office, dependent upon your specific needs.