Mitigation Banking

Mitigation banking is a unique strategy for the compensation of impacts to streams and wetlands in that it functions to reduce habitat fragmentation, improve water quality, and provide an overall ecological lift to the immediate environment.  It is a holistic restoration of the environment when done correctly.  The establishment of a successful mitigation bank is a very technical undertaking requiring a unique combination of expertise in stream geomorphology, wetland hydrology, aquatic ecology, plant physiology, construction precision, and regulatory oversight.  The staff at Apogee possess this skill set and employ their expertise in the facilitation of mitigation bank establishment across the country.  Within the last four years, Apogee staff have facilitated the restoration of 450,000 linear feet of ephemeral, intermittent, and perennial stream in Kentucky alone.

Contact Tony Miller at 859.230.0176 or if you have interest in the development of a mitigation bank in your region.