Endangered Bat Surveys for Department of Defense (DOD)

Apogee biologists performed a survey for the Federally Endangered Indiana bat for the proposed construction of a 2,800 feet natural stream channel at Holston Army Ammunition Plant (HSAAP) in Kingsport, Tennessee. Although no Indiana bats were caputured, the federally endangered gray bat was caught which validated previous netting efforts at HSAAP that also captured gray bats.

In addition, Apogee also conducted a habitat assessment and then a survey for the Indiana bat for a proposed commercial development on HSAAP’s property.  Indiana bats were not captured during either of the survey efforts.

Each of these projects was coordinated with the client, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), and Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA). Scientifically defensible survey reports were completed for each of these projects and then furnished to USFWS for acceptance. All surveys were subsequently accepted by USFWS. All projects were required to be finished within a three month period in order for construction to begin. All projects were finished within this scheduled time and were completed within budget.

These projects have provided Apogee important experience in working on Department of Defense (DOD) bases and will guide our efforts on future projects conducted for the DOD and other government agencies.